About Us

Welcome to Play Deep Studios, London’s newest purpose built production, recording and mixing facility. Situated centrally in Kings Cross, it provides the ideal space to come and be creative, with a unique layout, consisting of 3 control rooms based around a large main live floor.

 Each room is kitted out with the finest items of vintage gear and cutting edge software. We have items from Neve, UA, API, Empirical Labs, DBX, Drawmer, Lexicon, Eventide and our main studio desk is an Otari 54 series, the only one in the UK! Our selection of synthesisers is unrivalled, with items from Roland, Akai, Novation and a plethora of Modulars. We also have a vast array of backline, including drum kits, amps, guitars and more pedals than is surely necessary… and of course Pro Tools and Logic in every room.

 Flexibility is key to the way we work. Each room has access to the main live floor as well as their own overdub booth, which makes us ideal for bands or larger sessions. Mood lighting runs throughout with kitchen, lounge and PlayStation facilities available for when you need to take a break.

 With state-of-the-art equipment, stylish studios and experienced staff, Play Deep represents the perfect combination of a supportive, friendly atmosphere and exceptional expertise for every genre of music and sound.

 For more information email us at info@playdeepstudios.co.uk or use the contact form.